Eco-tourism in Kotel Mountain (Kotel Municipality)

Project duration: 27 months

Project summary:

The project “Ecotourism in the Kotel Mountain” has been directed to the achievement of sustainable growth of the tourism sector in the Kotel region, improvement of its international market positions by creation and promotion of the integrated tourist product based on the natural resources in the Kotel Mountain

The project has envisaged sensitive and responsible use of the Bulgarian natural environment, which has been achieved through investments covering improvements in the infrastructure. These improvements have included reconstruction of a municipal building and its transformation into a Tourist Information and Training Center, provided with modern equipment as well as renovation and rearrangement of the Museum of Natural History in Kotel. The three eco-paths planned under the project have bene equipped with modern tourist facilities.

The main results of the project have been:

Creation of Tourist Information and Training Center – The second floor and half of the first floor of a building located on Izvorska Str. in the town of Kotel was reconstructed and transformed into a modern Tourist Information and Training Center. On the first floor was established an information center with a reception-hall for visitors where the advertisement materials of the natural and cultural places of interest can be found and where tourists can purchase local handicraft articles. On the second floor was established an interpretation hall and the hall for training.

Renovation of the Natural Science Museum– The renovation included both external and internal repair activities in the museum building in Kotel. The Museum renovation included repair of the roof and of the heating system, creation of toilets for the visitors and repair of the pavements and grassing.

Creation of eco-path infrastructure – The infrastructure of the three eco-paths includes the following general elements: rest places, fire-safe picnic places, watchers’ platforms, pointers, map schemes and trail marking, as well as some specific elements for each eco-path.

1.Eco-path: Kotel – Prikazna cave – the path starts from the Museum of Natural History in Kotel and after a 9km walk it reaches Prikazna Cave.

2.Eco path Kotel – Rock formation Chobra Tash in the countryside Urushki Rocks – the path starts from Kotel town and after 2.30 hours /8km./ it reaches the protected countryside Urushki Rocks.

3.Ecopath protected countryside Kotenik – protected countryside “Vida” – the duration of the passage is 3 hours. The eco path starts from the town of Kotel and reaches “Vida” peak.

Reconstruction of a greenhouse into a vulture house –the greenhouse, situated in the yard of the Museum of Natural History, was reconstructed into a vulture house for white-headed vultures – a species that will settle in the mountain of Kotel. The reconstruction envisaged covering an area with a net, fixing alighting places for birds, feeding-troughs, etc.

Project partners:

  • European Center for Quality – Bulgaria
  • NATURA 21 – Bulgaria
  • Wild Flora And Fauna Fund – Bulgaria