Rehabilitation of the junction of the road connecting Zlatograd-Alamovci and “Zastavata” with the road forks to the district centres Smolyan and Kardjhali (Zlatograd Municipality, Smolyan Region)

Project duration: 6 months (preparatory activities)

Project summary:

The project has been funded under Technical Assistance for preparation of future Project Proposals, European Territorial Cooperation Programme (INTERREG IVA), Greece – Bulgaria 2007 – 2013.

The project has stipulated activities comprising the rehabilitation of horizontal and vertical infrastructure of the road network, connection the town of Zlatograd with the Village of  Alamovci and “Zastavata” 9mount Kostadin), as well as the connection of the international highway with the district centers Smolyan and Kardjhli inside the town of Zlatograd. The town of Zlatograd is located between the Central and Eastern Rhodopes and is within the boundaries of Smolyan District. Zlatograd is an administrative center, uniting nine villages around itself – Alamovci, Dolen, Erma reka, Kushla, Presoka, Startsevo, Strashimir, Fabrika, Tsatsarovtsi. Zlatograd is just next to the transport corridors “Komotini-Nimfaia-Makaza-Kardjhali” and “Rudozem-Xanthi”, whose construction is in progress.

One of the priority areas in the municipal Plan for development is the implementation of the road “Zlatograd – “Zastavata” – Termes”. A work design for the object has been developed and it is beringapplied at the moment. The implementation of the work design has improved the road connection of the municipality with the neighbouring municipalities in the Republic of Greece by creating a connection with the cross-border road and with the main road arteries of the town of Zlatograd leading the transport flow to the district centers – Kardjhali and Smolyan.