Madan and Keramoti – Green landscapes and Turquoise sea

Project duration: 12 months

Project summary:

The project “Madan and Keramoti – green landscapes and turquoise sea” aims to encourage the conscious use of the natural resources and the respect of the wildlife in Madan and Keramoti municipalities as well as the preservation of the vast biodiversity in the entire cross-border region. The main project activities are divided in two major groups – Investment and Institutional and are directed towards biodiversity preservation. The cooperation between the two municipalities initiated under previous CBC project will be expanded with the development of a Cross-border plan on biodiversity conservation that will promote the conservation of Rhodopes ecosystem and will raise the awareness on the necessity of wildlife protection in the entire cross-border region.

The project results have been:

I.             Investment Activities For Biodiversity Preservation

  1. Nature sustainable development activities – cleaned 5 km or 80 dka of polluted banks of Madanska River , afforestation of local tree species on the river banks, instalment of 18 waste bins, created Green zone, re-afforestated 4,8 dka uncultivated land, placed wooden fence, placed information boards, placed visibility boards
  2. Green Tourism infrastructure improvement – constructed two eco-routes and relevant equipment alongside, constructed watch towers, reconstructed municipal building, established Green tourism and Nature training Center, established two constant exhibitions “The biodiversity of the Rhodopes Mountain and the Aegean Sea” and “The interaction: Nature and Human”
  3. Promotion of nature-friendly life in the cross-border region – conducted training of teenagers into “green spirit”, developed training materials, provided certificates to the participants in the course, developed 1500 colourful brochures against loss and fragmentation of habitats and biodiversity
  4. Conservation of rare species and habitats – placed 15 feeding-troughs, created small feeding fields for the Chukar and Rock partridge, report from the monitoring and census of the birds’ species, monitoring report on bats’ behaviour, census and density, created map with caves dwelled by bats, placed “BAT Inside” signs
  5. Eco-tourism development – trained 10 young people for eco-guides, developed 1200 CDs, 3000 colourful leaflets, 1200 cross-border wildlife maps

II.            Institutional Activities For Biodiversity Preservation

  1. Research expedition for biodiversity in Keramoti, Greece – held Research expedition for biodiversity study with 20 participants (10 guests from Bulgaria), developed draft plan for protection and reintroduction of rare species, visit to the Nestos River Delta and adjacent wetlands
  2. Cross-border plan on biodiversity conservation 2008 – 2013 
  3. Research expedition for biodiversity in Madan – taken photos of rare flora and fauna
  4. Promotion of cross border natural heritage – conducted photo-safari along the two eco-routes, official opening of the new Green tourism and Nature training Center

III.          Development of promotional materials

  1.  Training materials
  2. Brochure depicting the negative impact of the industrialization over the nature and the negative effects of the pollution over the human world
  3. Census reports
  4. CD
  5. Tourist leaflet
  6. Cross-border Wildlife Map

Project partners:

  • Madan Municipality – Bulgaria
  • Keramoti Municipality, Kavala Prefecture – Greece
  • Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation – Bulgaria (
  • European Center for Quality Ltd. – Bulgaria (