Integrated water cycle management of Alamovci (Zlatograd Municipality, Smolyan Region)

Project duration: 6 months (preparatory activities)

Project summary:

The project has been funded under Technical Assistance for preparation of future Project Proposals, European Territorial Cooperation Programme (INTERREG IVA), Greece – Bulgaria 2007 – 2013.

The project has stipulated completing the water-supply network in the village of Alamovci, construction of drainage as well as construction of a wastewater treatment utility. The village of Alamovci is settlement in the municipality of Zlatograd Municipality of VII functional type with population of about 460 inhabitants. It is located 16 km from Zlatograd. The village and territory of Zlatograd Municipality is crossed by Varbitza River with catchment of 1202,8 sq. km. The waters of Varbitsa River are used for the water supply of Zlatograd. It is a major tributary of the cross-border Arda River and therefore it is very important to take measures for protection of the quality of Varbitsa River’s surface waters.

Due to the interrupted natural flow of two of the feeders of Varbitsa River and the considerable decrease of the debit of the existing catchment water-supply sources, the village’s water-supply network practically lacked water. At the same time the settlement lacked a sewerage system. The waste waters flowed in the gullies and subsequently in Zlatograd dam. The investment programme of Zlatograd Municipality in the area of water-supply has stipulated additional water-supply of the town of Zlatograd and the village of Startsevo from the dam. In this regard there has been an urgent need of designing the construction of a sewerage network in the village of Alamovci and directing the waste waters to a waste water treatment facility where they are to be treated and purified.