Enhancing the economic cooperation between the Municipality of Banite and Municipality of Doxato through development of online data base “Cross-border Cooperation, Investment and Competitiveness Forum (Banite Municipality, Smolyan Region)

Project duration: 6 months (preparatory activities)

Project summary:

The project has been funded under measure Recording of Project Ideas/Proposals of European Territorial Cooperation Programme (INTERREG IVA), Greece – Bulgaria 2007 – 2013. The project has envisaged the development of online Cross-border Cooperation, Investment and Competitiveness Forum entirely based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The project has been implemented on the territory of Banite Municipality and Doxato Municipality. Feasibility studies have been carried on the territory of both municipalities in order to collect the necessary company information such as list of the enterprises, short company profiles, contact information, number of employees, etc. The benefits from the project have been received in this specific cross-border region.