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Research Center on Information Systems CeRSI

Research Center on Information Systems CeRSI – LUISS Guido Carli University is the LUISS "Guido Carli" University's unit in charge of the research, education and advice on computer science and information systems matters. It focuses its activities in several domains, such as e-government, e-learning, IS security, knowledge management, tele-medicine, cultural heritage, and e-commerce. CeRSI  adopts innovating learning modalities by developing suitable research strategies for most advanced technological solutions, integrating communication tools (e-learning, videoconference, mobile learning, etc.) with in-presence activities (workshops, seminars, etc). CeRSI research works intend to establish a real balance between university courses and requirements imposed by the evolution of the job market meeting the needs of working people that wish for a professional development or want to change their current career. CeRSI conducts its research activities in collaboration with national and international partners, achieving important results in the field of E-learning, E-government, Information and Communication Technologies, International Cooperation, Knowledge Management and E-commerce. The use of the ICT facilitates the development of an integrated system of educational and research activities, which contributes to the fair dissemination of culture and knowledge, supportive and sustainable. CeRSI intends to transfer a European approach to researchers. It is interested in sharing its innovative methodologies and to participate in the investigation on the project topic. It will be glad to contribute to the developing a methodology that may be applied in SMEs. The project outcome will bring benefit to CeRSI ’s core activity as a research center.